Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We Are a Strong Team

This post is dedicated to my person, chosen by God as my family.
Daddy, Mommy, Sisters, Brother, and Me as a team.
Proud to be part of this STRONG team.

Dear Daddy, 
it's okay to take a break for a while
it's okay not to take all the responsible in the world
it's okay to think your life first above any others
it's okay not to decide everything under your head
it's okay to enjoy your life

Dear Mommy,
it's fine if you want to share each problems with us
it's fine if you delegate any responsibility with us
 it's okay to stay on your integrity
it's okay to fight for your right
it's okay to enjoy your life

but most of all, 
Thank you Daddy and Mommy,
for the greatest asset you've shown to us

your GOOD EXAMPLE of humility, hardwork, and responsibility.

Dear brother and sisters,
the next baton is on our hand
I always pray so that we may understand
what are our personal goal and hope
for this team

So one day,
with any kind of our own uniqueness
we may decide
to join or not
to use what kind of weapons
to conquer which ocean

But still, hand on hand each other. 
with a strong will to learn, to work, and to understand,
I'm sure we're gonna be THERE.

Dear my one and only family,
We are a STRONG team, and will ALWAYS be.
No one can break the bond among us.
As I won't let anyone who dare to!

P.S. i always have that kind of question in my mind. why should  i be the middle child? the 2nd one? the choleric (again) in this family? the 'female' one? the one who see everything right in the middle? 

Well i guess, slowly (yet sure), now i get it. :)

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